Why Your Online Marketing Investment Isn’t Paying Off

The truth about online marketing is that the magic has nothing to do with being online.

The most common mistake I see my clients making is that their offer isn’t unique (enough).

Are you in an industry that is crowded and they often want to have what someone else has. “I want my website to look like that one firm.”

Of course, you want a nice website that looks like the firm that you think is having success. The truth is, and more on this later, there’s a difference between the tactics and the magic. 

Firms that find success know how to create the magic even if their website design looks like it was designed in 2005.

You know your marketing is underperforming if you’re investing money and still generating zero leads. This is a frustrating place to be.

WHY is finding the magic hard?

Professional service firms by nature have trouble developing a specialty or increasing their uniqueness. For example, there are almost 70,000 estate planning attorneys in America. 

How do you develop uniqueness when you are one of so many? 

Here are 3 areas, that you must fix before your online marketing can gain momentum. You’ll notice none of them include spending tons of money on fancy digital stuff.

1. Make Your Offer Better

How can you do this without lowering your price? Great question. There are many ways to do this, here are two.

Make your service more convenient for your clients. For example, for services that used to be in person, you can now be over zoom, phone, text, voice memo, or other services. Get creative. Offer something that nobody else is willing to offer. I have multiple clients that have done this successfully and it’s opened new avenues to grow their businesses. More on this later…

Reduce the TIME your client has to spend. People are busy. If I have to spend money on something, I don’t want to also have to chase around the project. If you can get me an estate plan within less than an hour of my time, that’s a win. I’ll probably buy it from you.

2. Too Much Time Working IN The Business

If your business fundamentals are not in place, you can survive by working MORE in the business. This happens all the time. 

When businesses find momentum it’s because they have a great offer, they solve an important problem and they make sure a LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW about their offer. 

If you’re spending too much time working in your businesses, this might be a sign that your fundamentals are out of place. Do you have #1 fully ironed out? If not… see #3.

3. Not Enough Intensity Solving The Most Important Problems

It could be argued that the first two points here are obvious. Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it is easy. Clients that I’ve worked with that find success through digital marketing approach these problems with an uncommon intensity. 

Be relentless and don’t stop until your offer is so good that people want to be part of it.

If you have questions about your marketing or would like to know if what you’re doing is working, I’m available to conduct a free audit of your digital marketing. Just reach out at mike@openwater.marketing.

Keep going and let me know if these ideas resonated with you.

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