Truth About SEO Webinar

The holy grail of marketing is getting in front of new qualified prospects you don’t already know.

When someone searches for something, this is a prime moment for them to find YOU.

SEO might seem mysterious and but it doesn’t require wizardry.

Search Secrets

We took the Top 10% of firms and looked under the hood to see WHAT is working and WHY…

[+] How ranking at the top of Google actually works
[+] What the top 10% do that the bottom 90% doesn’t
[+] Why keywords and expensive technology are overplayed
[+] How to win without technical knowledge

We distill these findings into simple action steps that anyone can take…

This free case study shares the solution that hundreds of clients hired me to figure out for their business.

And these fundamentals will work to your business too. (Fundamentals)

Inside you’ll discover:

→ The 3 types of searches that small businesses need to know about and optimize for.
→ Why the top 10% use Reverse Knowledge to drive 10x the traffic.
→ How long it takes to rank and what this means for your traffic.

Bonus: I’ll also be sharing how top businesses leverage their traffic and convert new leads on their site.

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