Why Service Professionals Need Multiple (Smart) Sources of Leads

How many sources of leads does your business have?

Most service professionals that I talk to operate mostly on referrals. (one source!)

Referrals can be an incredible way to grow your business. You spend your time focusing on delivering a fantastic product or service. People appreciate this and spread the word.

The downside of this is, people live busy lives and you aren’t always their top priority. Also, if something shifts in the market and referrals stop coming in, then what?

For example, if a pandemic strikes and all of a sudden your target customer has zero business opportunities, what are you going to do to stay in business yourself?

Creating Multiple (Smart) Sources of Leads For Your Business

Relying on one primary source of leads can add unneeded stress to running your business.

You might feel anxious or slightly out of control.

Search can offer a steady source of leads with exponential growth potential.

On the other hand, if you’re spending too much time in the business, there’s limited time to build out new strategies to grow the business.

Any strategy that we try should at least have lasting benefits. We do work now, we get benefits for a long time into the future.

Smart Lead Gen for Service Professionals

Compound Content + Search + Social

This is a ninja strategy that I’ve been working on for years and finally sharing it here with you. Here’s out it works:

1. Targeted Search Traffic For Your Business

The ultimate goal is to take advantage of the long-term and sustainable benefits of Search Traffic for your business. Think about it. If you can have relevant people finding you via search, and this doesn’t cost you incremental time or money, that’s the best source of awareness building that we can generate.

The downside of SEO work is that it takes time to build traffic.

2. Compound Content Is The Hub Of Your Engine

One piece of content, helps you generate awareness in multiple places. This is important because you have limited time. Creating content takes precious time. If you’re going to do it, be smart about it.

3. Combine the Inverted Benefits Curve of Social Media While Building SEO Authority

You can get your message in front of people immediately on social media, but the value of a post diminishes quickly over time. You post today, it’s gone tomorrow.

However, combining the benefits of social now and Search in the future can have powerful results.

How do you do this for your business?

That’s a great question. I just recorded a case study + training for professionals looking to harness the benefits of a search strategy. It’s a full breakdown of exactly how search can work for your business, how to generate search traffic and harness that to grow your business.

If you’d like to talk through it, you can schedule a call directly with me.

Watch The Case Study / Training Here Schedule a Call To Discuss

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