SEO: Driving Traffic to Your Site via Search

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Our SEO Process aims to find the 20% of items that are going to make 80% of the difference for your business without ongoing fees. 

We’ve completed SEO projects for over 300 businesses. We’ve seen data on what works and what doesn’t and try to leverage that knowledge on each new SEO project.

Drive More Traffic via Search

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I will create a short video looking at your current search opportunities and explain how we might hep.

How We Approach SEO

This videos shares my learnings after completing 300+ SEO projects for Financial Advisors. I explain the truth about what’s happening and how you can get the most out of SEO for your business. We work with more than just financial advisors, but you’ll get an idea of how we approach the problem in this video.

Firm Specific Search

We found the #1 search that drives traffic to most businesses website is a search for the firm itself. This is an often overlooked part of SEO, but critical to building trust as part of the customer journey.

Category Specific Search

The second obvious place you want to show up in search is when people search for what it is that you do. For example, “Financial Advisor” near me.

It’s important to understand how the search results return information so you can optimize your web presence to show up here.

10x Traffic

For firms that drive the most traffic via search, the top 10% see 10X the amount of traffic.

What do they know that everyone else doesn’t?

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