How to Rank Your Business On Google

Get Discovered

This is the dream! How do you get your business on the first page of Google, so people can find you?

Disclaimer: Competition matters, but for the words you want to compete on as a small business, there are always opportunities to win.

Step 1: Get On The Radar Of Search Engines

If you’re outside the top 100 spots. You need to get on the radar.

Search for your business in Google and see if you’re on the first ten pages. Are you?

If not, that means your first goal is to get on the radar of search engines so they know what it is you do, how you help, where you’re located. All the important details.

There’s a set of best practices you can apply to make sure search engines know what you do.

  • Optimize site title and page titles
  • Look at copy on your site, is it very clear or ambiguous?
  • Optimize images with Alt Tags and file names
  • Schema Markup

Step 2: Move up the rankings

If you’re business is on the radar, but not on the first page, then you need to move up!

Clicks from search are reverse exponential starting at the top. This means that the top 1 – 5 spots get almost all the clicks. Anything after that is exponentially less.

The higher you rank, the more search impressions you’ll get, the more traffic you’ll see. (assuming there’s enough search volume)

Step 3: Obsess Over Site Experience

A sure way to ruin your rankings is to have a site with a terrible experience. If your site is low, hard to read, confusing or otherwise loses visitors when the arrive, you’re going to have a tough time ranking.

Conversely, the opposite is true. If your site keeps people around and they enjoy it, you’ll find yourself ranking.

Examples of websites going from off the radar to top pages…

One of my favorite things is doing work and seeing results.

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