How To Know If Your WordPress Site Is Hacked (and HOW TO FIX it in less than 24 hours)

Last summer my wife’s WordPress site was hacked. 

I remember feeling scared because she has over 1,000 blog posts on her site and this is a significant source of her business leads. 

Yikes! Was her site doomed?

Thankfully, it was all fixable.

When a site gets hacked, two things happen quickly….

  1. Traffic starts immediately being siphoned off to malicious sites. (A terrible user experience)
  2. (And / or) Google recognizes the problem and you will lose your SEO ranking quickly. 

I could see the impact to her site traffic immediatley. 

We needed a solution and fast.

Since last summer, I’ve worked with dozens of sites that have been hacked and we’ve successfully brought them back to life. 

Three Ways to Know If Your Site is Hacked 

  1. User Report: Someone tells you they clicked a link on Google or Social and were taken somewhere else. 
    • If you don’t have a proactive security strategy, a report like this is how you’ll probably find out. 
  2. Scan your site for free. 
  3. Try this search: 
    • site:
    • If it looks like this, you probably have a problem. 

What to do if your site has malware?

If it turns out you have malware, don’t worry. It’s fixable, usually within a day.

Make sure you take a back-up of your site before you start going to work just in case you need to revert to the original and start over.

If you need assistance taking care of the technical aspects of fixing a site with malware, reach out to us using the form below. Happy to get your business back up and running asap.

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