Case Study: How A Hockey Coach Grew Their Business With Paid Traffic

Meet Matt Korthuis.

Matt is a former professional hockey player. He spent more than 10 years playing in leagues all over the world. His biggest achievements were being captain of a team he lead to the championships.

When Matt was done playing hockey, he returned home to Canada with a desire to help young hockey players improve.

Matt is an incredible coach. He has a rare skillset and is confident in his abilities.

What he didn’t know was how to leverage technology to connect with athletes around the globe.

How did this happen?

Who? Matt Korthuis

Problem: Not good with technology. Unsure of how to package his offer and get it in front of athletes.

Solution: Hired Open Water Marketing Agency to help him navigate the technical process and evolve his offer to the point of making a full time income.

Did it work? Yes. Matt just had his best month ever, profiting more than $13,000.

One of the most important things for Matt was having a partner that could accelerate his ability to move his business forward. He was stuck spending too much time trying to figure out the technology and not enough time serving his customers and promoting his business.

Here’s how we helped Matt

  1. We were able to step in, quickly set up his technology.
  2. We were then able to pull the data, gain valuable insights so Matt could make improvements to his marketing.
  3. Matt was then able to implement critical improvements with lightning speed because he wasn’t stuck troubleshooting technology.

Matt promotes his program on both paid channels and organically via Instagram. We’ve created a strategy specific for his needs that has lead to powerful results.

Here’s a snippet from our recent paid campaigns so you can get an idea of the data tracked and how this leads to insights. Once you see the dropout rates, you know which areas need to be improved.

We help Matt execute the technology and he changes lives of hockey players across the global.

Would you like to fine tune your offer and scale your business up? If so, schedule a call today and let’s see how we may be able to help you.

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