Case Study: Reduce the Cost of Acquiring New Customers

The Results

The Initial Problem: 

In January 2019, Epic Series was looking for a plan to reliably attract participants to their events. Advertising was underperforming and it was not clear why.

The Marketing Transformation

Before: January 2019

January Spend: $1870.
Conversions: Unknown 
Estimated CPA: $200+*

After: June 2019

June Spend: $1586
Conversions: 119
CPA: $13.33

*We estimated CPA based on CPC, Landing Page Views and conversion rates that were experienced in January.

How did these improvements happen? 


Our first step was to install tracking on the full digital experience. In order to diagnose drop-off, we need to understand where the system is breaking down. Once proper tracking is installed, understanding what to do next becomes clear.


Three primary drop-off points that were identified. 

  1. Variable advertising costs could be reduced. Cost per click, cost per landing page view etc. 
  2. The website was loading slowly resulting in a 80%+ of advertising traffic being lost before the site loaded. 
  3. The registration flow was confusing site visitors. People wanted to register but were leaving the site.


A lot of credit goes to the team at Epic for being aggressive and committing to the improvements necessary. 

  1. Installed an ad system designed for rapid improvement. 
    • Reduced cost per click from $0.79 to $0.26.
  2. Optimized the website for speed and mobile usability.
    • Site load time went from more than 14 seconds to less than 0.5 seconds.
    • This reduced cost per landing page view from $5.10 to $0.37.
  3. Simplified registration flow. 
    • Reduced cost per conversions from $200+ to $13.33.

Each of these straight-forward improvements contributed to the 92% reduction in CPA.

What does this mean for Epic?

  1. Constant and Rapid Improvement: Developing a system that will improve by the nature of how it’s designed will eventually lead to strong numbers. 
  2. A Marketing System that is a Business Asset: Now it’s much easier for Epic to plan for their future events, strategize about future locations, make smart marketing decisions and generally get more people involved with their brand.

What’s Next? 

Are you wondering if this is possible for your business? Schedule a call and let’s discuss what we might be able to help you achieve!

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