3 Different Searches That Will Bring People To Your Website

  • Are you wondering how to get more people to become aware of your business?
  • Do you have an amazing offer and would love more people to see it?
  • Here are three searches that can help drive targeted traffic to your site.

1. Firm Specific Searches

People are searching for your firm 

The most overlooked part of SEO is that people will search for your firm more than any other term. You want to look fantastic in the search results when this happens so that you begin to build trust immediately. 

Example of Fantastic “Firm Specific” Search Results:

2. Category Specific Searches

People searching for what you do

  • Search: Plumbers nearby
  • Search: Financial advisors in Encinitas, ca
  • Search: Marketing for law firms

These are valuable searches for your business because the people typing these phrases into Google and they are looking for help with the service you provide. They know what they want or need and they are looking for help. 

Ranking on these searches is important and has a set of best practices that can help you rank locally and maximize the traffic coming to your site from these types of searches.

The anatomy of a category specific search for local professionals. The beauty is, you can actually rank in two places.

  1. Maps listings
  2. Organic websites.

It’s possible to own two spots on the top page for free when others are paying $25-$50/click.


3. Question Specific Searches

People searching for answers

  • Search: car engine shaking at stop light
  • Search: stock options at Qualcomm 
  • Search: how much can I save with solar

Answering these questions on your website can lead to 10x traffic. Here’s an example: 

There are also an infinite number of questions and ideas that you can write about. This is where being a specialist is important because even the search tools won’t be able to predict what you should write about. You’ll need to know your customers (humans) and understand what they are typing into search. 

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